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Recognition of foreign university degrees according to § 10 of the Federal Refugees Act

Allgemeine Informationen

(General Information)

In the Free State of Saxony, the legal General Licence has been put in place to administrate academic degrees obtained abroad. Holders of foreign degrees are themselves responsible for ensuring they are authorised to hold the academic degree. In doing so, they must meet the regulations of § 44 of the Saxon Universities Act (see Legal basis). More information is available from the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art.

These degrees are not converted to a German equivalent.

An exception only applies to refugees according to § 10 of the Law on the affairs of displaced persons and refugees (Federal Refugees Act) for refugees, their spouses and offspring, but not for spouses of offspring. These persons may, under certain circumstances, request that their university degree obtained abroad be converted to an equivalent German university degree.



Refugees, their spouses and offspring can request that their university degree obtained abroad be converted to an equivalent German university degree if

  • they are entitled persons according to § 10 of the Federal Refugees Act,
  • an equivalent German degree exists, and
  • they have not lodged any relevant request with any other authority in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The requirements for the recognition itself vary greatly, and always depend on the individual case.



Conversion of a foreign academic degree into an equivalent German degree must be requested from the State Ministry of Science and Art. Prior consultation with the state ministry is recommended.


  • Request to convert a foreign university degree
    (Liste "Forms/Online services" list, top right corner of sidebar)

Erforderliche Unterlagen

(Necessary documents)

You must submit the following documents with your request:

  • original-language diploma and original-language summary of grades for the diploma, or original-language doctorate degree
  • translation of the documents into German
    • for dual-language documents, the official language of the country of origin is definitive
    • The translation may also be submitted in the form of the original signed by the interpreter/translator.
  • refugee certification/certification as ethnic German re-settler
  • current registration card showing residence in the Free State of Saxony (the registration card may also be submitted in the original)
  • name-change certificates, if the name on the application differs from that on the certificate/document
  • CV in table form

NOTE: All translations must be provided by a translator authorised by the Saxon State Ministry of Justice:

  • Translators and interpreters
    (Saxon State Ministry of Justice)



The State Ministry of Science and Art assesses the application and necessary documents, and advises whether the application can be approved or not.

Kosten (Gebühren)


A foreign academic degree is converted to the relevant German degree for ethnic German re-settlers upon request, following an individual case assessment. If conversion is possible, a certificate is issued. An administrative fee based on the Saxon Administrative Costs Act is charged for assessing the application (official act). It is generally between EUR 60 and 100, and must be paid upon receipt of the payment request. No fees are charged if the application is lodged within three years of the applicant becoming a permanent resident in Germany.

An administrative fee of EUR 60 must be paid to convert a foreign academic degree to an equivalent German academic degree.


(Legal Basis)


(Release note)

Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art on Januar 1, 2014.

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(Competent body)

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