(Necessary documents)

You must submit the following documents with your request:

  • original-language diploma and original-language summary of grades for the diploma, or original-language doctorate degree
  • translation of the documents into German
    • for dual-language documents, the official language of the country of origin is definitive
    • The translation may also be submitted in the form of the original signed by the interpreter/translator.
  • refugee certification/certification as ethnic German re-settler
  • current registration card showing residence in the Free State of Saxony (the registration card may also be submitted in the original)
  • name-change certificates, if the name on the application differs from that on the certificate/document
  • CV in table form

NOTE: All translations must be provided by a translator authorised by the Saxon State Ministry of Justice:

  • Translators and interpreters
    (Saxon State Ministry of Justice)